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Servicing Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and the Mid North Coast


We know working on commercial buildings in Australia demands a multifaceted approach. Blending expertise in plastering, external cladding, and ceiling systems while meeting stringent compliance standards and preventing schedule blowouts, takes experience and well-honed processes.

You need us to collaborate with your architects, engineers, builders, and manufacturers to find the intricate balance between design aspirations, structural integrity, and regulatory requirements.

Our open communication, years of experience and clear project management will mean your project sticks to timelines and compliance needs while delivering on excellent design and function. Everytime.

Class 2

Working on Class 2 residential buildings in Australia involves adhering to strict regulations and guidelines to ensure safety and structural integrity.

Plastering should not only providing an aesthetically pleasing finish to interior walls and ceilings but also consider factors like moisture resistance and durability.

Additionally, constructing firewalls is vital to prevent the spread of fire between adjoining properties. These fire-resistant barriers must meet stringent standards to ensure the safety of occupants and neighbouring buildings.

Collaborating with architects and builders is essential to meeting all regulatory requirements and delivering high-quality Class 2 residential buildings that prioritise both aesthetics and safety.


With our focus on plastering, internal linings, and soffits for homes in the Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour regions, we know you’ll have a meticulous eye for high end finishes. 

Within these vibrant coastal communities, partnering with your builder isn’t just about completing projects; it’s about contributing to the high standards they deliver.

Whether it’s refining the sleek lines of contemporary designs or high-end architectural elements, we go the extra mile to make sure you’re confident in our services and have a home to be proud of.


Medical facilities like hospitals and medical centres, demand a painstaking approach to meet the required structural and safety standards of these facilities.

Our deep knowledge of the complexity of these projects means we’re continually planning against schedule blowouts, working to rigorous regulations, and often tight timelines. Our track record of success for these environments is testament to our commitment to delivering on projects of this type.


Schools, universities, and TAFE facilities present a range of project management challenges, often subject to strict budgets and rigid timelines.

Balancing functionality, safety, and aesthetics within holiday timeframes requires efficient ways of working, and a collaborative effort with all stakeholders. 

With Coastal Commercial Linings, you can be confident that your educational precinct project will not only meet NSW regulatory standards but also create an environment conducive to learning and growth.


Comfort, elegance and functionality are all vital to your successful luxury hotel, retirement village, or lifestyle building project. Creating inviting community spaces calls for a keen attention to detail and a commitment to a flawless finish. 

As internal lining, external cladding and ceiling systems specialists, we understand whether it’s applying bespoke finishes to enhance a luxury hotel lobby, or installing durable cladding for a retirement village, the work requires precision. 

An expert in managing the unique challenges of these projects, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice with Coastal Commercial Linings